Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Yeh voh sach hai ke jisse aik jahan maan gya
Dar pe aaya jo gadaa ban ke voh sultaan gya
uske andaz e nawazish pe mein qurban gya
nimatein baant-ta jis samt voh zishan gya
saath hi munshi e rahmat ka kalamdaan gya

This is a truth which the whole world accepted:
Every pauper who came to your door, left as a king.
His manner of giving is to die for!
Wherever, bestowing mercy, that splendid one went
The scribe of Divine Providence went with him!

Tujh se jo phair ke munh jaanib e quran gya
Surkh roo ho ke na duniya se voh insaan gya
Kitne gustaakh bane, kitno ka imaan gya
Le khabar jald ke auron ki taraf dhiyaan gya
Mere mawla, mere aaqa tere qurbaan gya

Whosoever went towards the Qur'an leaving you aside
Never left this world in a happy state!
How many became insolent, how many lost their faith!
Save me quickly for my attention is wandering to others!
My master, my lord may I be sacrificed for you!

Mahv e nazzaara, sar e gumbad e hazra hi rahi
Door se sajdahguzaar e sar e waala hi rahi
Ru ba ru paake bhi mahroom e tamasha hi rahi
Aah voh aankh ke naakaam e tammana hi rahi
Haaye voh dil jo tere dar se pur armaan gya

Lost in the vision, in front of the Green Dome it remained
From afar in prostration to the Exalted Presence it remained
Despite seeing the dome face to face it remained bereft of the spectacle!
Ah! That eye which remained unfulfilled in its desire
Ah! That heart which left your door in a peaceful state!

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